domestic violence
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Domestic Abuse FAQ: Are abused women and battered women the same?

Many people think that all battered women have black eyes and broken bones. When there is physical violence, there is always emotional abuse as well. But domestic abuse encompasses a whole range of ways of controlling and hurting. Even when no physical action is taken, there are verbal threats or implications that violence could occur. Even when there are no threats of violence, there can be emotional abuse. Some of the most insidious forms of abuse by a spouse are emotional. And you don't have to be married (or living together) to be a victim of domestic violence.

The purpose of this site is to help women begin to figure out if they are in abusive relationships - and what they might want to do if they decide that they are. Better understanding your situation helps you separate emotionally from the batterer. No matter what he says you did, he has no right to hurt you.

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domestic violence

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